Raising a Toddler While Pregnant

Getting out of bed and running to the bathroom to throw-up when you hear your one-year-old saying “mama” in their crib. All you can think about is how can I get the energy to get off the bathroom floor in this moment. 

Am I going to be able to do this throughout my whole pregnancy? How will I be able to attend to my toddler?

As you take a deep breath and stand up, trying to drink some water from the bathroom sink, you are reminded of the blessing brewing inside you… of the relationship and friendship your toddler and this baby will have someday.

Even in the moments of dripping sweat trying to hold back any sort of vomit while breastfeeding your toddler or rocking your toddler to sleep… you know this is hard but only for a short time.

Pretty soon your life will be different as you have two to look after but it’s a good different.

So how do you take care of a toddler while you are pregnant?

Well… the short answer is: you do the best you can while listening to your body.

The longer answer is:

  1. Take it one day at a time
  2. Ask for help when you need it
  3. Develop understanding that your toddler will be okay

Let’s dive into these three things.

Taking it one day at a time is very important. In the beginning of pregnancy; some people feel very nauseous and spend most of their days in the bathroom. That being said, prepare yourself for that by having extra snacks in the bathroom for you and your toddler. It may even be helpful to have toys for your toddler in the bathroom so they aren’t playing with the toilet paper and the lotions under the bathroom sink.

Ask for help when you need it. If you have a friend, mother, sister, or even your spouse to take the child for a couple hours. This will give you time to rest and rejuvenate. Not only does this benefit you, it will benefit your child as well… giving them time to play and explore outside the home; while developing a relationship with whomever is spending time with them.

Give yourself grace when it comes to asking for help. I know it can be difficult for some to reach out and ask when it is needed but you also have to think of you and your baby. There are other ways to ask for help too. Especially if you have hyperemesis gravidarum, asking for meals to be made for your family on a weekly or daily basis. Or maybe you need help with the cleaning and need to hire a housecleaning service.

Develop understanding that your toddler will be okay. If you are struggling with the fact that you aren’t able to do the things you use to prior to pregnancy with your toddler, take a deep breath. 

There is a small chance your toddler will remember this short moment in time while you’re pregnant and usually children and toddlers remember situations and moments differently then we do. So, as long as your child is alive, eating, drinking, and playing… then they will be okay. (Even if that means keeping snacks on a small table all day because you don’t have the energy to make a meal, let alone stand up).

Girl, I had four kids in four years and I had developed guilt and worry during my pregnancies but I have come to realize that those were short moments in a big moments time that I may remember and my children may not… and who knows… maybe it’s the fun time they had while eating snacks on the floor, watching movies, and snuggling with their mom that they will remember.


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