7 Ways to Support a Mother with Postpartum Depression

7 Ways to Support a Mother with Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression is serious and something that many mothers go through. It feels very lonely and can be difficult to navigate through the feelings that thoughts running through your head on a daily basis.

Support during a difficult time is truly helpful.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and if you believe yourself or someone you love has postpartum depression, it is important to reach out to your doctor as soon as you can. 
  1. Believe her. This can be a difficult one to understand… especially if you’ve never been through postpartum depression or any sort of “baby blues”. Believing her and letting her know that you are a safe space full of love for her, is extremely helpful
2. Help her get some sleep. Sleep is hard to come by for a new mother. A great way to support her in this endeavor is by stopping by during the day to take care of the baby (and/or children) while mom rests and gets some sleep. Sleep is so important for your mental state.

3. Check in. Checking in with her is supportive. This can be by text message, email, phone call, or any line of communication that works in your relationship. What this does NOT mean is—don’t send a message through all of these lines of communication in one day or even one week.
Give her some time to reply to ONE message and respect that she may need some space or time to think.

4. Don’t explain to her why. There are many people who analyze and try to figure out solutions and why something is happening. This is not a space for that. If you explain to her why she has postpartum depression or why she is feeling the way she is – it may feel like you are invalidating her feelings or making her feel like it’s her fault.

5. Help around the house. This can be basically anything she will let you do (and depends on your relationship with one another). Cleaning the house is very helpful so maybe while you are watching the baby and she is napping; you could do the dishes and sweep the floor. Cooking a meal is another great option. This is also a lovely way to check-in with her. Bringing over a frozen dinner, a pizza, or even a meal to share is a great way to relieve some pressure for her to cook and it gives her the nutrition that she needs.

6. Know the symptoms. If your friend or loved one is undiagnosed, it is important to know the symptoms… yet, try not to diagnose your loved one (you are not a doctor). Listening and knowing when to check-in more often or stop over is a great way to comfort her when she needs it.

7. Take pictures of her. These pictures should be very raw and real. The reason for this is that she will be able to see her growth through these photos. This mother watching herself grow every month through photos will only make it easier to get through.
These are wonderful ways to support a mother with postpartum depression.

Here is a great group to gain extra support postpartum.