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Thrive Market
Thrive Market has anything from oats and almonds to deodorant and baby care products.
When I started my health journey, this is where I started. Switching out my flour, snacks, and many other products slowly as the months went by. 
Here is an exclusive $25 for you to try Thrive Market.
(first time users) 
You're welcome :)


Your Super
Your Super has great smoothie mixes and powders you can add to meals or drink in water. 
When I was looking for great greens to add to my morning smoothies, this is the company I found. And then it wasn't long before I found many other great products they offer
Here is an exclusive 10% off $50 or more for you to try Your Super. (first time users)
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Nancy Anderson's Postpartum Program
Nancy Anderson has a wonderful program for postpartum mamas.  
Her motto is "once postpartum always postpartum". I strongly believe in her rehab program for your body. 
Here is an exclusive 20% off of her program for first time clients. 
You're welcome :) 


Walmart Grocery Pick-up
Walmart Grocery Pick-Up is so easy and nice (especially if you are pregnant or have many kids to shop with)
I started using Grocery Pick-Up when I was pregnant with number four and had three other toddlers. 
If you are a first time Walmart Pick-up member-- here is your exclusive $10 off. 
You're welcome :) 


23 and Me
23 and Me is a great way to explore and understand your DNA. 
This company has the option of working with your genetics to figure out health information and ancestry. 
If you are a first time 23 and Me member-- here is your exclusive 10% off. 
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Everlywell offers health and wellness solutions including testing for wellness monitoring, informational and educational use.
If you are a first time Everlywell member-- here is your exclusive 15% off. 
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