Common Potty Concerns

 Common Potty Concerns

Do you have questions about potty-training? Are you wondering why your child just doesn’t seem interested? It’s time to take charge and get them interested. I am no expert but I have potty trained my children in four days and have had success every time.

Why won’t my child poop on the potty? This is a common question, that I get quite frequently. Pooping on the potty can be a scary thing for your child. If they have worn a diaper their whole lives, they haven’t seen what happens when they poop. I have also read somewhere that they may have the feeling of losing a part of themselves while they are going on the potty. Be sensitive to this situation and don’t force your child.

My child is older and doesn’t seem interested? No matter the age of your child, it is important to stay consistent. If you try potty training one day and it doesn’t work and then go back to diapers the next day… you are sending a confusing message to your child. They don’t understand why you did this ‘potty’ thing because they are now back to the way things were. My advice is don’t TRY potty training… DO potty training.

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Do you potty train boys differently then girls? The short answer is no. I potty train all my children no matter the gender… the same! Yes, there are some differences in each child because ALWAYS remember that every child is different but I never do anything different based on gender.


These are common concerns when it comes to potty training your child but keep in mind you are not alone and your child isn’t the only one that has some of these issues. Questions like these are normal and I’m glad you’re doing your research! (Hanesbrands Inc.)

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