Detoxing Your Children from Screens

Detoxing Your Children from Screens
Screentime is a tricky thing because there are screens everywhere you look... They are even on the ceiling at the dentist office.

There came a time when I using screentime as a way to get my alone and quiet time... yes, this can be a good thing, right? But it got excessive... to the point my son was watching four to five hours of television per day.

This had to be on God’s perfect timing as I scrolled through TikTok and saw a father talking about how bad screens are for children 7yrs old and younger (this is all four of my children) OOPPSS!

Screens –television, movies, and games, in particular—can cause all sorts of behavioral issues.

But what shocked me the most was when he talked about the moment you turn that television off and your child is irritable and crabby... that is their body detoxing from the constant stimulation of the screen!
LIKE WHAT!!! They are detoxing?!
It makes perfect sense.

So, I decided to try out 30 days without screentime for the children.

There was lots of discussion prior to Day 1, with the children and I think this set the expectation well and they knew what to expect.

Now, I hear that the first week and a half can be the most difficult as your children learn what it means to be without screens, and they are constantly asking for things.

This is when it’s important to also instill independent play—play without an adult or the need for anyone else.

We had our challenges in the beginning of these thirty days—some toddler tantrums and constant of asking why they can’t watch television.

Looking back on each and every day during this “challenge”, I realized how much we needed this reset.

Some things I have noticed:
 1. My children play very well together
 2. They have become closer and even talk about being friends
 3. They are actually becoming polite and helpful little humans
 4. Our mornings are quieter and more productive
 5. Our evenings are more together as a family
 6. We haven’t had outbursts with my oldest the last couple weeks
 7. Lastly, my house is more “lived in” because of all the toys and imaginary play that happens.
If you think it’s time to start 30 days without screentime for your children... You got this!

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