Simple Decision Making Method for Pregnancy and Labor

Let’s be honest here… pregnancy is not always beautiful and fun.

There are some moments when we have fairy dust come out of our back-end and pee our pants…

There are other moments when you find out you have gestational diabetes…

Maybe during labor, you have to make a decision for something such as induction, or cesarean section.

Pregnancy and labor are unpredictable so I always felt it was a good idea to be prepared and have an understanding of all that may come ahead. (This is why I created a child birth class)

During the entire pregnancy and labor process, it is important to have open dialogue with your provider or Midwife.

There has been research to show that pregnant women that have an open dialogue with her provider has a more positive birth experience than with the pregnant mom that does not. (Even when birth process was less then ideal for the woman).

So… how do you go about starting these open conversations with your provider?

By using the B.R.A.I.N acronym when it comes to making decisions.

B stands for Benefits

R stands for Risks

A stands for Alternatives

I stands for Intuition

N stands for Nothing

What is the benefit/risk for mom and for baby? What are the alternatives (there’s always an alternative, even if that is to do nothing)? What is your intuition or gut telling you? What if we do nothing for hours, days, or weeks (based on the situation)?

Here is a great video to explain this acronym and how you can use it easily during your pregnancy.



For example: Your provider asks if you’d like your membranes swept at one of your later appointments to induce or start labor. You can ask your caregiver these questions prior to making your decision.

What are the benefits and risks of the membrane sweep for mom and baby? Are there any other alternatives besides not doing the membrane sweep? What is your gut telling you about having this done (and take the time to listen to your gut and intuition)? What if you do nothing and do NOT have your membranes swept?


Based on the questions, answers, and open dialogue with your provider; it should help make this decision easier for you. If not, then at least you are more aware of the answers to these questions then you were before.

Again, many women felt their birth experience was a more positive experience when they were an active participant in the decision making process rather then feeling like things were done TO them.

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