How do you handle the lemons that life throws at you? As a mother, I am sure you’ve had many things thrown at you… literally. Let’s say that life throws you an unforeseen circumstance, then how do you handle that?

I put my trust in God. He is the reason I am alive and well. He is the reason that life isn’t all about darkness. When life throws me lemons, I ask God what He wants me to do with them.


Now mama, I want you to take the time to really think about that. Take the time to think about these three things:

  1. What lemons have been thrown your way lately? These lemons are good, bad, and ugly. Take the time right now to write them down so they are visual for you when diving into the next steps. Leave a couple spaces between each one.
  2. How did these lemons (or situations) make you feel? Write this below or next to each of the situations. Take the time to think about this one. Sometimes we think we remember how we felt but when we dive into it or sit in the space with those lemons, then we can actually feel those feelings again which helps us remember.
  3. How did you handle these lemons (or situations) being thrown at you? Be specific here. No one else needs to see this list or paper.  (example would be the anger caused you to be a yelling mother and stressed all the time. Or maybe the lemons (situation) made you sad so you handled the sadness by not caring anymore and leaving the house a mess, laying around all day)

This is a great exercise when it comes to handling huge situations but it can also help with the smaller ones as well. This, my friends, is almost like journaling. If you haven’t taken my FREE mini-course in my Facebook Group on Journaling, this is a great place to start.

Giving your lemons away. 

After you have submerged yourself into the situation, feelings, and how you handled them… now is the time to rid yourself of these negative vibrations. How do you do this?

  1. Tell your feelings that they are okay. Say out loud “Anger, you are noticed but you are no longer welcome” Notice how you feel when you say those words. Sometimes we need to say those words a couple times before we feel like the statement is true.
  2. Pray to God (or the Universe—whichever you believe) to take that feeling away from you. Let Him know that it is no longer welcome and you are ready  to let go.
  3. Come up with a positive affirmation that offsets your feelings. Check out my Positive Affirmation Post for some ideas on how to create one. But this affirmation should be something you remember or write down in a location you will see it every day.

Ladies, life is always going to throw you lemons… but just remember that its all about what you do with the lemons that will make or break you.

Comment below with your favorite affirmation!

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