It’s time….. the house needs groceries and your spouse offered to stay with the kids while you go alone.

This is so exciting… time alone…

To listen to the music that you want in the car.

To grab a coffee on the way without having kids ask for something, too.

There is time to go down EVERY aisle as slow as you want… checking out EVERY item.

But now it’s time to head to the check-out line.

Your mind starts thinking; oh man, I have been gone too long. I have way too many items in my cart. I wonder if my husband will be overwhelmed when I get home.

The mom guilt starts creeping in…. should I have had that coffee? Maybe I should have only gotten what was on the list?

As you are putting away unnecessary items on random shelves, walking to the check-out line and checking your phone for messages, your mind doesn’t stop racing and wondering if this is what will happen EVERYTIME you leave the house alone.

This is when deep breathing comes in handy… As you breath in say a positive affirmation (don’t know any then click here). Reminding yourself that you are a human that needs mental breaks, too!

That you are worthy of alone time…

That you need this time to be the best YOU…

Self-care is very important, especially as a busy mother and keep in mind that it looks different for everyone (my definition of self-care).

Don’t let those negative thoughts ruin your outing… or ruin your day.

Take the time to explore self-care. (Lucky for you, I have a free self-care guidance class in my group—HERE).

Your health, wellbeing, mental state, emotional state, and every aspect of YOU matters!

Take care of YOU!


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