Self-Care: What Does that Mean To You?

What is Self-Care?

What do you think self-care really means? There are so many blogs, posts, and articles regarding self-care and what it should look like… what it is and what it isn’t… how it should make you feel… and when it should happen…

I have read so many of these myself and every time there is something that makes me want to scream. There is something in these articles or blogs that I don’t agree with. So, I decided I am going to leave the meaning of the word “self-care” up to you.

In one blog post, I remember reading that taking a shower isn’t self-care but to me that is taking care of myself. As a mother who had horrible baby-blues (or undiagnosed postpartum depression), I would go seven or more days without showering. I was not taking care of myself and a shower is needed for self-care.

Running errands for the family, alone is not self-care… or so I have read in another one of these articles. For some people this may not be considered self-care and it may be considered more of a chore. But for others this is heaven… they don’t care that they are buying things for the family or the home or the dog… they just enjoy being out of the house alone because they only get this opportunity once every two months.

I have made the joke to my dentist about it feeling like a vacation to be there… to be honest, it was actually nice to get my teeth cleaned, alone, without having to worry about a child in the chair or hearing a screaming baby. Do you consider going to the dentist self-care? For me it is because I am taking care of myself but again for some, it is not self-care because they aren’t doing what they’d prefer for their mental stability… and that is okay! (Hanesbrands Inc.)

Sometimes our self-care changes depending on our family life, our schedules, and what season of motherhood we are in. We need to adapt to our life, what we can afford and sometimes that means getting creative.

What is self-care to you? And who are we to tell you what that looks like? Yes, it is important to have something for yourself… a hobby… an activity… or one night a month that you do whatever your soul desires. As a mother, you need that unwind time and the time with your ladies to laugh and be silly. Or maybe you like to be alone and get a massage or get your nails done. Everyone’s definition of self-care is different and who are we to judge what that looks like.

Girl, don’t let anyone tell you that a shower isn’t self-care or that you go out too much with your friends… no matter what, remember to keep yourself, your mental state, and your heart –healthy and strong! Your kids, spouse, and yourself need YOU to be the best YOU that you can be!

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