A Successful To-Do List

Most days you look at your to-do list and think if I only had more time… or I should have gotten more done during nap time… or hopefully I’ll find time tomorrow. 

There is such thing as creating a successful to-do list so that by the end of the day you look at your list and you are impressed by what you accomplished.

Now… I know there is a time and place for to-do lists—like when preparing for a party or having people over at your house. Sometimes I make to-do lists to help me prepare for going to the cabin or a fun family vacation. These are good reasons to make a to-do list.

How do you make a successful to-do list?

You need to make sure you have an end date. This is why the reasons above are good reasons for to-do lists. These things need to be accomplished by the party or before you leave on vacation. Now, instead of stressing about these things—keep in mind that you can designate tasks. If you have small children, they can help with smaller things on the list or your older children can be responsible for something bigger. I will set it out in step form to make it easier to understand…

  1. Grab your paper—write on the top what the list is for
    1. Example of a to-do list for a party: Party Food, Party Cleaning, Party Décor
      1. This way you know what the list is for and when it needs to be accomplished
  2. Keep the lists out on the counter until the end result…
    1. Example of the party: Keep the lists out until the party
  3. Write everything you think of, when you think of it
    1. Example of the party: Your walking to the bedroom and remember you need to get ketchup for the hot dogs—turn around and write it on your list
  4. Cross of the things you’ve accomplished
    1. DO NOT cross them off before you go do the task
      1. Example: You are going to clean the bathroom—don’t cross it off before you clean the bathroom… instead wait until after. Who knows, maybe you’ll get interrupted by a child and end up never doing the task because you see its crossed off.

Most of you are wondering why I am only talking about a party or vacation lists… that is because I don’t use a to-do list for any other reason… instead I use the ta-da list… You can check out more about that HERE. This is a great was to visually see all the things you’ve accomplished in your day.

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If you are creating a to-do list for your husband—then have realistic expectations. It’s best to understand his stress level, workload, and when he has time to accomplish his list. Again, if these are things that need to get done before a party or vacation… then yes, there is a deadline that he has to meet.

Creating a to-do list can be daunting and scary—especially if you feel guilty at the end of the day. Don’t let a list of things you didn’t accomplish in any given day or week make you feel bad… you are an amazing human… and amazing mother… who gives herself to so many people and you need to give yourself grace! You got this!

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