Ta-Da List
Do you create a to-do list? This list is hard to accomplish and sometimes it takes days or maybe even weeks before you can throw the list away because its all accomplished. When you look at the list at the end of the day and there are still things on there—how does that make you feel?

When the to-do list isn’t finished?
You create a to-do list for the day… throughout the day, you look at that list--- what does your mind tell you? Do you say things like I’ll do that at nap time… I’ll get to it when I have time later… That’s a better task to do tomorrow… ?? 

Now, you didn’t finish the tasks you had wanted to in the time-frame you gave yourself… how does that make you feel? I know that it doesn’t make me feel pretty good. If I had too many things still on my list, I know I sometimes felt like a failure as a mother and a homemaker. Why didn’t I get that done? I should have done that during nap instead of taking the time for myself.
Before we talk about the ta-da list I want to be clear—If you have any of those thoughts or feeling above, please give yourself grace. You are a mother, you are a caretaker, you have so much going on… give yourself grace! I have a great option for you so that you don’t ever have those feelings again…

Create a Ta-Da List

What is a ta-da list? This isn’t something that I came up with but I thought it was such a great idea, that I had to share it with everyone I know. The concept is to write down EVERYTHING that you have accomplished for that day.

How do you do this? Keep a piece of paper out on the counter with a pen next to it. Every time you do something, write it down. This is anything and everything. You finished the breakfast dishes… you changed two diapers… you made lunch… you prepared your child’s snack for school… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!


What does this accomplish? At the end of the day… look at the list. Is it long? How does it make you feel? Is this a different feeling then you had with your to-do list? Take note of this. This list should make you feel good. Make sure every night you take a look at this…
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