What is Affecting My Mood?
Understanding what affects your mood is a gamechanger. As a mother, you can feel overstimulated and stressed throughout your day and those emotions come out or explode without your awareness as to why.
First, it’s okay to not have the understanding of why you feel a certain way… it’s important to let those emotions be okay. BUT having that understanding is all the more helpful.

Here’s to list a few reasons your mood has shifted:
  1. Stress – feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks and everything else you have to remember. Try journaling, writing lists, and any other methods to get the clutter out of your mind.
  2. Poor sleep, tiredness, and overworked – I know these suggestions are easier said than done… especially as a new mom but try to get as much rest as you can. If this means laying on the couch while the kids play, going to bed when the kids do (without worrying about the extra housework that needs to get done), or napping when the kids nap.
  3. Hangry – yes, I believe this is a real thing. Being hungry can cause anger feelings and in turn, the word “Hangry”. So, make sure you are eating throughout the day, have snacks nearby, and eat food that keep you fuller for longer.
  4. Other things that affect your mood are:
    1. Interactions with people around you (other people’s mood can affect your mood)
    2. The new and the weather
    3. Lack of exercise
    4. Hormonal changes (period, puberty, menopause, or pregnancy)
There is certain chemical that affect your mood, such as:
  1. Dopamine – helps you feel pleasure
  2. Serotonin – believed to act as a mood stabilizer and can help with sleep
  3. Oxytocin – the “love drug/love hormone”
    1. Released to facilitate childbirth
  4. Endorphins – response to pain or stress
    1. Relieves pain and creates a general feeling of well-being
Other tips and ideas to express your mood, emotions, and move forward:
                Realize what you are feeling, feel it, and don’t swallow it.
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