Does labor and contractions hurt?
The short answer to this question is…. Yes! Yes, labor, contractions, and delivery are all painful.

There are some people that say labor pain is equivalent to breaking every bone in your body at once…
Okay, okay… I am not here to scare you but what I am doing to telling you the truth. I am an honest childbirth educator that will be upfront with you.

Everyone feels pain or discomfort differently. Like most say, ‘a different pain tolerance’. This can be shown in the ASA’s research findings that almost half of all first-time moms reported that labor wasn’t as painful as they had expected. 
Every pregnancy and every person experience pain, contractions, and labor differently. Baby could be positioned differently in one pregnancy to the next which is causing one pregnant mom to have back labor and the other pregnant mama is not have that type of labor. All of these, plus so much more, play a roll in the type of labor and delivery you will endure.

Did you know that the pain can actually be managed? 

Pain during childbirth can be managed with certain medications such as an epidural or by practicing your breathing techniques.

You can actually use breathing techniques in addition to visual focus or mindset shift to manage your pain during labor and delivery. But most of these take practice prior to the “big day”.

There are other methods to manage pain, such as, certain exercises and stretches, along with being massaged by support person or nursing staff.

If you are looking for more details on these pain management systems such as, certain breathing techniques—then you’ll want to  join this group TODAY to start learning and preparing for the big birth-day.
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