The moment it started to happen… my stomach was hurting, my eyes filled with tears, and I whispered in her ear “you are so beautiful and strong”. She may not understand those words quite yet, but I will ALWAYS remind her of the strengthen God has given her.

As I brush our small warriors’ hair and clumps start coming out, I am reminded of the scary journey we are on and all that is affecting her little body. But why does this seem to be hard for me to cope with? It’s just hair—right?

Well… like many things that we lose in life, I feel like I need the time to grieve the loss of my daughter’s hair. Yes, it's just hair... but it's something she's always had... it's something that is a daily reminder of her battle and hardships... it's something that was never suppose to happen... it's something that only happens to other people... (or so I thought)

We all have different battles and different journey's in life. There will be times to feel… to grieve… to laugh… to cry… and to cope. This is the beauty of being kind-- you never know what someone else has been through or currently going through... so be kind and pray.

Pray because that person cut you off on the road; for you don't know if they are in a hurry for a medical reason or have other things on their mind... 

Pray because that ambulance drove by you with their siren on because you don't know who or what they are going through... 

Pray because that mom was short with you at school; for you don't know if she's preoccupied with her sick daughter at home or trying to keep it together in-front of you... 

Pray because that friend walked by you, looking at the ground, not wanting to be noticed; for you don't know the inner battle they are fighting or the emotions they don't want to come out...

No Hair -- Don't Care

I am not sure how I am going to grieve the loss of my daughter’s hair but what I do know is that I have not looked at her differently since we made the decision to shave her head. 

What I do see is a beautiful little blessing from God... a girl that has so much love for life... a girl that will know the strength God has given her and the blessings He has unfolded during this journey. 

Friends and loved ones are really good at giving new perspectives-- so if you need to, reach out to them and pray. I know that my sister in-law said it best "Your daughters hair will grow back even more beautiful" and you know what? My perspective was changed... this entire journey will only make us stronger, love more pure, and live life more beautifully. 

You have no idea what someone has been through, or currently going through in their life so be kind. 

Live for today, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.


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  1. Carissa Steffenson  03/25/2021 09:10 PM Central
    Your daughter and family is beautiful and such an inspiration. 9 years ago I had to shave my head to and I grieved it too, thought it’s just hair but it was a process. It’s more than hair that your grieving it’s the process 🙏🏻 Prayers for your family as God is carrying you through this difficult journey but remember he never lets you go it alone.
  2. Even during this difficult time, you are an inspiration.
    I think of you and yours often. Continued prayers for healing and maybe a miracle or two would be welcomed as well. ❤️

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