You are giving your child(ren) a bath and you notice the bathtub is full of toys. Your child is only playing with half of them and can’t seem to find the one toy he wants to play with because he is bombarded with so many other toys.

Organization is important in our lives as mothers, but did you ever think that would pertain to the bathtub as well. There are so many great options for organizing or putting the bath toys away.

This is one option that I decided to try out and we’ve had our bath toys organized this way for about five years now.

What are the Items you need?


How to create this easy yet organized contraption?

First, you will put up the curtain rod in the area that you want it to be. When you are picking out the spot for the curtain rod, keep in mind how big your baskets are—are they going to get in your child’s way?

After the curtain rod is put up then you will use your curtain rings to put the baskets up. I found it easier to put one ring on either side of the basket to ensure it stays.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The baskets should have holes in it to ensure easy placement and to drain any water
  • The toys shouldn’t be extremely heavy toys so the rod falls
  •  Suggest getting taller versus wider baskets


This is a fun and easy way to hang up your bath toys. Like I said, we have been using this for five years, three different houses, four children, and it has done wonders!


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