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#2 was a game-changer in my house.. 

Meet Heather Martin

For years, I didn't feel like myself.

Even as I was putting a smile on everyday, I still felt like a helpless mother. It was really hard on me emotionally and had started to affect the rest of my family.

After having undiagnosed postpartum depression three times in three years-- I decided my fourth was going to be different. My research and what I had been through, helped immensely. I decided to start using some products from a company I know and trust while incorporating other things into my life. 

The fourth trimester after my fourth baby was completely different. The first three pregnancies (fourth trimester) was very difficult--being fake, pretending to be happy, smiling, and laughing like I was okay. 

Now, I am vibrant. I'm on a mission to help a lot of people break free and empower themselves with the knowledge and resources that I have learned during those years. 

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