My Miracle (Part 3)

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Now that I have two children 14 months apart, why not have more… right? When our second child was 14 months old then we found out we were pregnant with child number three. This part of my story is pretty similar to having baby number 2 (this story here)—pregnancy was difficult with morning sickness and taking care of two very small children. My birth was amazing yet the baby blues set in early as well.

The fourth trimester is a difficult time for many women. Our hormones are trying to figure out what’s going on and how to regulate and we are so emotional. My fourth trimesters have always been SUPER difficult—the emotions seemed to always be tears, sadness, anger, fear, and extreme anxiety.

After each pregnancy, I told myself it was going to be different and it never was… it was always the same with laying in bed crying more times then you can imagine… with moments of hiding in the closet to get away and cry! My first three- fourth trimester experiences were ALWAYS the same!

So, when we found out we were pregnant with baby number four (when number three was only six months old) … my thoughts were all over the place. Can I do this again? Can I have another set of children 14 months apart? This is crazy! What am I think? How in the world…? It didn’t help to have other people asking us the same questions.

This time it was different… I was going to put my research into action… I was going to take care of myself, even if it meant a dirty house and messy kids.

When we welcomed our fourth child into the world, I was prepared. I had the right vitamins, the workouts I was going to do, healthy food in the fridge, and the motivation I haven’t had in years.

I took each day as a new day… taking it one day at a time. I was determined to shower every day, wash my face twice a day, brush my teeth and my hair, and I was going to eat the right things (this included getting the right vitamins). This was lifechanging for me!!! My fourth trimester (fourth time around) was COMPLETELY different then the other three! I was a new mom… I was a new person…

Don’t get me wrong, there were some rough moments because we all know motherhood isn’t easy—but golly, this was night and day difference!

That’s why I am here! I am here to share this with you… there is hope… YOU AREN’T ALONE… REACH OUT…

Please keep in mind that it is important to reach out to others. I know that in my story, I kept it all in which made it a million times harder to deal with. There were many doctors’ appointments that I should have mentioned it to my doctor but I didn’t.

Here is Postpartum Support International: 1-800-944-4773


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