Oh Poop!
As a mother I am sure you can relate to the story I am about to tell you...

I have four small children and today we had a busy day going to Granna and Papas pool. These days tend to consists of no naps or very little naps. In the end, we were all tired and crabby when we got home from this very fun day! Everyone snuggled with their blankies for awhile before mom had to get up and make dinner.

Now... it's the daunting dinner time! Mama, I know you understand what I am talking about. There is always a child asking for a snack or "when is dinner ready?" and sometimes there is even a baby crying at your legs (in these moments I am thankful for my Baby Bjorn). Preparing dinner is a big task most days.. Then comes sitting down at the table.

If you are a family that sits nice at the table and everyone eats their dinner then you deserve an award! .. tonight's dinner was extra special. While trying to eat-- in the middle of getting little things for the kids or cleaning up spills-- my 11 month old was get really crabby in her high chair. I finally decided to get her out and see if she would play on the floor in the living room. She usually likes her house toy so I was shocked when she didn't want to play with it.

What do you think I saw when I put her on the floor? POOP .. yes, poop!! Now as a mother of four children, poop is a common occurrence in our house. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't encounter some sort of poop mess. When I finally got my daughter into the bath, I noticed there was poop all over my shirt and my pants---ALL OVER.

I couldn't help but laugh... I'm standing in the bathroom with a baby screaming in the tub (happy screams) while I'm filled with poop.

Don't forget that these are moments that you need to give yourself grace, take deep breaths, and remember you are an amazing mother. Even if your dinner is cold and your eating alone with your baby on your lap. The poop adventures will eventually go away and who knows-maybe you'll even miss those little moments. :) 
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