3 Steps to a Good Day
Do your kids wake you up in the morning and your first thought is ‘here we go again’? Are you looking for ways to start your day off well and continue to have a good day? Here are some things you can do to ensure you have a good day.

1. Say your Affirmations. It is important to take the time to develop an affirmation that is yours. This should be something that your striving for or something to start your day off right. Affirmations help our mind, thoughts, and emotions feel what we are saying. Try to use terms as if the affirmation has already happened.
My daily morning affirmation: Today is a great day. I am a loving and nurturing mother. God, work through me today!


2.  Make a plan for the day. This doesn’t have to be play-by-play what your day is going to look like. What I mean is, plan out a couple things you are going to do that day. This can be –already having dinner planned, kids are going to have one hour of school work at the table, and you are going to go for a walk when the hubby gets home from work. Make a plan and stick to it.

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3. Create a Ta-Da List. This is my favorite thing to do. Yes, I said ta-da NOT to-do list. Keep a notebook on the counter and every time you accomplish something, then write it down. This can be anything from –I snuggled with all my kids before they went to nap OR I washed the dishes (and frankly, this may be on your list a couple times, if you’re a mother doing dishes all day). At the end of the day (or even throughout the day), look at that list. Feel good about what you’ve accomplished! You are an amazing mother, caregiver, and parent that needs to recognize your successes. This will help make it a great day… Instead of looking at all the things you haven’t done (to-do list), your mindset will change into – Look at all the things I did today!!

If you are busy (which most of us are), we tend to go through life without thinking of ways to improve our thoughts to start our day off on the best foot possible. These are some great things that you can do to ensure your day is going to be a good one. Keep in mind that we all have those ‘bad days’ but its all about how you perceive the bad information given to you—how you react to the information—and how you decide to live the rest of your day.

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