YAAY… You are pregnant, excited, glowing and ready to take on the next nine months.

All of sudden, week six arrives and you are nauseous, puking, and you feel like your glow has dimmed.

What is this nausea all day? Why do I feel this way? My pregnancy wasn’t supposed to be like this…

Next, comes the research… the Googling of morning sickness remedies, ways to calm the symptoms, and asking friends what they did.

Let me let you in on a little secret: not all remedies work—some will work for a while --- some may work wonders.

Here are three remedies or ways that may assist in calming your nausea:

  1. Ginger: Many people of heard of using ginger to help with nausea and vomiting when sick. So, why not try it with morning sickness while pregnant. There are ginger teas, ginger drops, ginger drinks, and so many other ginger options you can find to help with your morning sickness.

2. Motion sickness products: First, please be careful when taking these internally – consult your doctor before doing so. But there are many other motion sickness products that can help with your morning sickness such as bracelets that have shown results with some women.

3. Small Meals: This is a great one to remember throughout your pregnancy (especially as baby grows). Smaller meals tend to help with morning sickness nausea and avoiding foods with strong scents. (As smells can cause further nausea).

Many people wonder why it is called “morning sickness” because it tends to be different for every woman during their pregnancy… it can be all day—just at night --- or maybe varies every day.

There is also a more serious form of morning sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This is when a pregnant woman can’t keep anything down, this can include water and cause severe dehydration. It’s best to contact your provider if this is something you may be worried about.


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