What Does a Godly Mother Do?
Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Raising little humans to become kind, compassionate, and successful adults is no easy feat. But what happens when you add faith into the mix? 

As a mom of four, and a devout Christian, I have found that being a Godly mother means so much more than just getting your kids to church on Sundays.

First and foremost, a Godly mother leads by example. We can preach all we want about kindness and forgiveness, but if we are not practicing it in our daily lives, our children will not take it seriously. 

I remember one time my daughter caught me gossiping about a friend. The way she looked at me, I knew I had failed as a Godly mother. It is important to live a life that aligns with our values and morals, so our children can see the authenticity of our faith.

Secondly, a Godly mother prays for her children. We have all heard the saying that prayer changes things, and it's true. When I am worried about my kids' safety, or their futures, I go to God in prayer. I pray that He will guide them, protect them, and teach them to love others as He loves us.

 And it's not just for the big things, like when my daughter was diagnosed with a cancer, but also for the small things, like when my son is having trouble with a new reading skill.

Thirdly, a Godly mother knows when to let go and give it to God. As much as we want to control every aspect of our children's lives, we simply cannot. 

There are times when we have to trust that God has a plan for our children, and that He will lead them where He wants them to go. It's hard to relinquish control, but sometimes it's necessary for our own sanity.

Lastly, a Godly mother remembers to have fun! Motherhood can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but it's important to remember to enjoy the little moments. 

Take time to play dress-up with your daughter, or play catch with your son. Laugh at their silly jokes and dance around the living room. Life is too short not to enjoy it, and it's these small moments that they will remember forever.

Being a Godly mother is not an easy task, but it's one of the most rewarding. Our children are the future, and it's up to us to raise them to be the best versions of themselves. 

We cannot do it alone, but with God's help, we can do anything.

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