What to look for in a Prenatal Vitamin?
There are many questions that may come up during your pregnancy discussion around prenatal vitamins. 
Well here are some common questions around prenatal vitamins.
When is a good time to start looking into prenatal vitamins?
To be honest with you, the moment you decide you want to get pregnant. If you have the opportunity to start taking prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive, then you are ahead of the game. This is because most people don’t know they are pregnant until baby’s spine and brain are already starting to form.
If you haven’t started taking prenatal vitamins and you are pregnant, then now is the time to start taking them. (Please consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns).

What to look for in a prenatal vitamin?
Folic Acid is the main thing you want in your prenatal vitamin to help support baby’s development of brain and spine.
Iron is also good to have in your prenatal vitamins with the increase of blood flow in your body.
Other things that would be ideal to have in your supplements would be Calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.

What time of day should I take my prenatal vitamins?
Usually, it is best to take these vitamins in the morning with breakfast but that is not always the easiest for a pregnant woman. We all know that sometimes supplement (or basically anything during pregnancy) can make you feel nauseous… so taking them before bed might be a better option.

When do I stop taking prenatal vitamins?
It is suggested to take your prenatal vitamins until baby is born and then switch to postnatal vitamins for at least six months postpartum. If you are breastfeeding past six months then it is usually suggested to take your postnatal vitamins until you are finished breastfeeding.
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Disclaimer: Heather Martin is not a doctor and if you have any concerns regarding prenatal vitamins, when to take them, which ones are best, or how long you should take them… then please consult your doctor or physician.


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