Reasons Why – During Pregnancy
There are many things that come up during conversations with other moms, women, and pregnant people. These are conversations where you may not understand why or the science behind it… well this is the article for you.
Why are most pregnant women warmer while pregnant? 
When a woman becomes pregnant, the blood in her body increases. The increase in blood flow is what causes a pregnant woman to be warmer than usual. In technical terms, with the increase in blood flow it causes the blood vessels to dilate. When someone has blood closer to the skin, the woman feels warmer.

Why am I craving milk late in pregnancy?
This one doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. Many people think that when a pregnant woman craves something such as milk, ice cream, or fruit their body is in need of calcium or vitamin c.
Some also say that it’s the release and surges of hormones that cause the sudden cravings for pregnant women.

Why some doctors say no caffeine?
There are some researchers that say caffeine can constrict the blood vessels in the uterus and placenta. This would then reduce blood supply to the fetus and inhibit growth.
(Keeping in mind that no all doctors follow this—some doctors say it’s okay to have up to 200mg of caffeine per day. Consult your doctor with questions)

Why am I so gassy during pregnancy? 
During pregnancy your body produces progesterone and as pregnancy progresses, this can be released and produced more and more. This hormone can slow down the digestion of food in your body. In turn, this can cause burping and flatulence (or gas).

Why does my sex drive change during pregnancy?
First, every woman’s experience with sex drive during pregnancy is different. Some experience an extremely high sex drive while others is very low. This can also change for the pregnant person throughout pregnancy. Example; having a higher sex drive in the second trimester and then almost no sex drive during the third trimester.
High levels of hormone and an increased level of blood flow to the genitals can increase your sex drive. But if there are pregnancy ailments, nausea, stress, and fatigue happening; then this can cause a lower sex drive.

These are a few of the “reasons why” during pregnancy. If you have any other questions that you are curious about – comment below.

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