Better Sleep During Pregnancy
Did you know that getting things out of your head can actually reduce stress? Reducing stress can help with your sleep and clarity.
But how do you get things out of your head?

It’s as simple as writing it down.
Yes, journaling is an amazing way to get things out and onto paper or onto your computer. Anything and everything!!

During pregnancy your emotions can go crazy, your hormones are surging—in turn, can cause moments of tears, laughter, intense joy and gratitude (and all within five minutes).

Either in the moment of many emotions OR wait until bedtime, take out your journal, paper, or computer and start writing. Write anything that comes to mind and doesn’t have to make sense.
Sometimes during pregnancy, old traumas, anxieties, and depression come up. Even if you have worked through your mental health and traumatic events, pregnancy has a way of bringing it all back to light. This is another great reason to journal (and seek professional help if necessary). Journaling can help you process what you are going through.
Get things out of your head—emotions, discomforts, events, lists, things to-do, how your body is feeling in the moment, something someone said or asked—ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

Journaling can also document for you. Whether that be documenting how you are feeling and realizing you had a headache for a whole month straight and that’s something you need to discuss with your provider. Or maybe you want to document for future pregnancies; to compare discomforts and emotions or even what you worried about during each pregnancy.
Whatever it may be that you want to journal about—take a look at this simple yet helpful journal for you—HERE! This one has affirmations along the way that can shift your mindset when preparing for childbirth and understanding that you got this!


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