Tips on Healthy Pregnancy

There are many ways that a woman can stay healthy during pregnancy with what she takes internally and her activity level. But my favorite are the things we will talk about later in this article that you may not realize will assist in a healthy pregnancy.

First are prenatal vitamins. These are very important to take in the morning, but if you are experiencing some nausea along with taking these vitamins, then it’s suggested to try before bedtime. Prenatal vitamins have many great vitamins in them such as:

  1. Folic acid: This helps protect baby from birth defects that have to do with baby’s spine and brain. It is also suggested to start these about three months prior to becoming pregnant
  2. Iron: During pregnancy your blood levels increase—Iron helps assist your body in the increase blood flow and getting that supply of oxygenated blood to your baby
  3. Other vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Calcium are great to have in your prenatal vitamin.


Staying active while pregnant is helpful in reducing stress, improving circulation, boosting your mood, and controls your weight. Keeping in mind that start a rigorous routine is not suggested during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure of your exercise routine and activity level during pregnancy.

Don’t forget to add Kegels into your daily activity. Doing Kegels will help with your pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum. They tend to support your bladder, bowels, and uterus.


Be aware—This one is important in different aspects. Be aware of your cleaning products and any toxic chemicals you may be exposed to during pregnancy. Also, checking with your doctor prior to taking any over-the-counter supplements or medicines… even checking with your provider when it comes to “health drinks” and herbal teas.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Drinking about 8-10 glass per day during pregnancy is suggested. It helps with the increase of blood flow and keeping you hydrated… even if it means going to the bathroom more frequently.


 Lastly, it is very important to educate yourself. Becoming educated and informed on childbirth will mentally help you prepare and understand what may happen during that part of your journey. It’s important to have open dialogue with your provider (asking many questions) and create a birth preference prior to labor and delivery.

If you are looking for a great way to educate yourself while developing open dialogue with your provider – click here.

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