Thirsty? Here are 4 Tips for Drinking More Water Everyday

Are you a busy mom? Is it hard to drink enough water in a day? Are you feeling run down and unsure how to keep going? I'd like to help with some tips for drinking more water every day.

Why we need to drink water? 
Our bodies are made of up mostly water --our organs, cells, and tissues use water to regulate its temperature and maintain bodily functions. Since our bodies lose water daily, then we need to replenish our bodies with more to help our bodies maintain healthy functions.

How much water? 
This is where it can get tricky and hard to keep track of... Take your body weight-- divide that in half. Now that number is the number of ounces you need in ONE day! For example--let's say a 100 pound person is trying to figure out their daily amount of water intake that is needed --divided in half equals 50pounds--so that person needs to drink 50ounces of water in ONE day!

Ways to increase your chances of drinking more water

1. Add flavor --If you are someone who enjoys flavor, who needs something other than plain water, or you simply had enough plain-ol-water so now you need to spice-it-up midday then the BEST thing to do is add flavor to your water. It is important that whatever you are adding to your water is a healthy nontoxic option. Some suggestions would be lemon in your water or lemon oil, Vitality Drops, or simply adding fruit to your water.

2. Keep a jug or marked water bottle nearby-- Being a busy mom, sometimes it is hard to drink enough water even though you may be at home all day with the children. A great idea would be to have a big water jug on the kitchen counter or in a location where you frequently are or pass through. This way you can quickly swing by and take a drink. Make sure this jug is always full or always has some water in it.

Another idea is to keep a marked water bottle in that location. If you really want to keep track of the number of ounces you drink, then you can keep a marked water bottle near you or in a frequently passing location.

3. Sip before every meal or after every bathroom break-- You can also decide to drink a full glass or full bottle of water at certain times of day. While you are preparing a meal or snack for the kids, keep a water glass or bottle near you so you can finish that before serving the meal. There are all sorts of times that you can have set for drinking water such as after every bathroom break or bring 2 bottles of water with you in the car --drink one on the way to your location and one on the way back.

4. Reward yourself for hitting your goals -- Setting goals is important. Make sure these are goals that you can obtain. Let's say your goal is to drink 8 glasses of water per day all week and if you are able to reach this goal then you will treat yourself to a coffee on Saturday. Make sure whatever reward you choose that it doesn't develop an unhealthy habit for you. It is important to make your reward once a week or bi-weekly so it's not a daily unhealthy habit--unless the reward is something healthy, then go ahead and do it every day!

As mothers with multiple children running around and possibly even a baby attached to you all day, it can be very difficult to drink the water that your body needs. So we need to show our children that we are going to take care of our bodies and drink the water it needs. 
Drinking water is a healthy habit that we want to develop in our lives and instill on our children. There are many other ways to get water into our body during a busy and overwhelming day but the important thing is to find the balance to take care of yourself along the way while embracing the chaos. 

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