Have you ever looked at your house and thought… If someone came over right now, I would be horrified? Or maybe you’ve always made sure to run around and clean your house all day long, just in case this were to happen.

Whatever the reason is for you to have a clean house or a messy house… it’s okay.

As mothers, we always seem to hold ourselves to certain standards and in some cases, this is okay but when it comes to our house… do what you feel is best.

The most important factor in how our house looks is that we don’t let cleaning interfere with spending time with our children and spouse. Our family is the most important thing in our life and we never know how quickly things can change for our family.

So…. Help your child with that pesky puzzle instead of cleaning the toilet.

Read your daughter her favorite princess book for the third time instead of sweeping the kitchen.

Enjoy a snowball fight with your son instead of worrying about the laundry sitting in the washing machine.

Yes, there is a time and place when chores need to get done, but that’s when we involve our child in the chores… OR we let them know it is quiet time so they need to play quietly by themselves while we get some stuff done.

It is okay to have our child play alone… it creates a sense of independence and creativity that can happen in those situations.

It is also okay to want a really clean house--- but again, don’t let your mindset shift from a clean house is more important then being present with my children.

We never know where life will take us and if that means my house has toys all over the floor when company comes over, then so be it.

My home is a lived-in home, where we enjoy playing, learning, and working together to accomplish a goal (even if it means cleaning the house together).


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