You have reached the third trimester and the anxious, nervous feelings have started to arise. The crazy dreams have started and the intense urge to research and know everything about childbirth that you can.

These are normal feelings and I want you to know that you are not alone.

Childbirth is unknown and it’s also hard to prepare for. It’s hard to prepare for something that you are unsure of… unsure what it will feel like… unsure how your body will respond… unsure how the entire process will go.


1. Strengthen your body. This is a great way to prepare your body for childbirth. Kegels are a great exercise that you can do daily, and basically anywhere. Stretches and certain movements (such as cat pose, child’s pose) are great to do to prepare baby and your body for the journey up ahead.

There are many prenatal yoga and Pilates classes and videos to watch and learn other movements. Be sure to listen to your body when doing any sort of exercise and stretches.  


2. Shift your mindset. Our mind and our thoughts are very powerful. They can actually frame how we perceive things, such as pain. So, taking the time to change your words from contractions to surges—from pain to pressure. These can make the biggest difference. Affirmations said daily and/or posted on the wall in your home and the birthing room can also make a huge difference.



3. Take a child birth class. It’s important to take a class that is taught by a certified childbirth educator. What is taught in these classes? Everything above plus more. (LEARN MORE HERE) Understand that every childbirth class is different and it’s nice to find one with bonuses such as a community to be part of – the ability to create your own birth preference – and post-partum support.


Here is a great class option for you – Pregnancy & Childbirth Demystified.


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