Understanding your Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing


Women’s bodies are beautiful…

        the way our bodies hold and grow a child…

                the way our bodies handle labor and delivery…

                         the way our breasts make the nutrients our baby needs…

                                           The beauty behind the whole process is very fascinating.

In this video, I talk about the pregnancy anatomy which is great to understand before and during pregnancy:


Having the understanding of your body… where baby is located… and an idea of what happens inside your body as baby grows is important to know.

  1. It helps to reassure that you in situations where you are going to the bathroom more frequently… and you can understand that this is probably because baby is getting bigger and pushing on your bladder. And if later in pregnancy your frequency to urinate has increased even more, then you know that baby has probably dropped and is even more so on your bladder then before.
2. If you choose to breastfeed… it is beautiful to know where the glands are that automatically produce milk while you are pregnant with your child. Seeing the visual of these glands can also help you understand that the tunnel-like glands can get clogged with milk in which is very painful and needs to be massaged toward the opening.

3. Where baby is at within the uterus and knowing baby is safe inside an amniotic sac along with a mucus plug to keep bacteria and anything that doesn’t belong, away from baby. This is reassuring for new moms.


There are so many more different aspects of the pregnant body and baby but these are some of the basics to understand as a first-time mother.  

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