Dirty House... Who Cares

There are dirty clothes all over my kids’ rooms, dust bunnies flying off our book shelf, and kids spilling milk on my dining room floor. I can tell my anxiety level is increasing as I start to get hot, and run around trying to figure out what to clean first.

Going into the kitchen to start the dishes when I realize the counter is dirty and as I am cleaning that then I notice the fridge seems spotted up and remembered I was going to clean out the refrigerator days ago. As I open the fridge, a child yells from the bathroom that they need help. When I enter the bathroom to clean the floor from an accident, I remembered the tub needed to be clean. So, I spray the tub with cleaner and head back towards the kitchen. As I walk down the hallway, I notice a dirty sock and I place it in the hamper, and at the same time, the dryer decided to beep.

Okay, I am sure you can relate… right? I now have clean clothes on the floor to be folded, dishes to be done, a bathtub to scrub, and a refrigerator to clean out. And all of this happened within minutes!

I use to wonder if this is what motherhood was like all the time… is this what I will be doing forever? Will my life be like this until all four kids leave the house?

Until I did a lot of reading, reflecting, and decided to change how I “mommy”.

Your house is dirty… who cares…

Remember that your children probably won’t remember how clean the house is and how hard you worked on keeping it clean… but what they will remember is how you played with them, how you made them feel, and how you always made time for them.

Have your children help with the chores and then have play time together. This way the chores are getting done, your children are learning responsibility, and you still get to be a fun mom that plays with them.

Don’t stress the small stuff.

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