You have so much on your mind… the house, the kids, appointments, and much more! Your brain is moving a million miles an hour, day and night. You have no idea how to calm the noise.

Sometimes you are going so fast that you don’t even notice the noise and in-fact, it seems like this is life, and how it’s meant to look and feel.

Wait…. Feel? Have you even taken the time to think about how you are feeling? Have you gone through events in your life that you haven’t let yourself feel? …. Truly feel!

As a mother, sometimes we put ourselves last. This can mean our physical health along with our emotional health. I can relate to putting myself last.

How do you take care of your emotional health?

There are many ways to take care of your emotional health but what I have found to help most people is silence. Being somewhere quiet, and reflect on an event or just your day. Getting quiet time, away from the children can be extremely difficult but it is super important for your mental and emotional state.

Recently, there was a traumatic event happen in my family’s life and it took a month before I actually let myself feel all that I needed to feel from this ongoing event. I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment with silence in the car and I couldn’t help but cry SO hard. When I got home, I made sure to turn my phone off and take a much-needed bath after the kid’s bedtime.

Keep in mind girl, that sometimes you need to step away from your phone and your social media for a day or half a day to quiet your soul and your mind… to be present and connect with your family.

It’s okay to feel

In the beginning of our new rainstorm, people told me that it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to cry. It’s definitely easier said then done. I’ve had days where I told my husband “I am fine” when I know that I am not. I have kept my tears inside because no one likes to see an ‘ugly crier’.

You know what? We need to be okay with not being okay… and letting our close loved ones know that we are not okay. After I told my husband that I was not okay, for the first time in twelve years, it made it easier to tell him the truth going forward. It made it easier for me to cry in-front of him, instead of hiding in the bathroom.

Girl, if you need to feel the hurt, the sadness, and the anger… it is okay. We need to feel our emotions in-order to heal from them. We need to make them known… let your negative-vibrational emotions know that you see them, you hear them, and then you will let them go.

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