Pin the Spider on the Web

Are you looking for fun and easy games for your children? Or are you have a Halloween party at your house and want some fun ideas?

You came to the right place. This game is super easy to create at home and you only need a couple things.

This game is just like pin the tail on the donkey. You print out a spider (like the one in the file below for you to download and print) and put some tape on the back for your child to pin on the web. The goal is to get the spider in the middle of the web, but if you have younger children, like myself, then it’s just fun to try to get it anywhere on the web. If you have a blindfold to cover your child’s eyes, then that makes it more interesting. Feel free to use a big winter hat, headband, or tie a towel around their eyes… whatever you have around the house to make it easy.

How to make a spider web on the wall:

First, you need to find a space on a wall that is easy to make a spider web. The size of the web is completely up to you. The bigger the web, the easier I think it would be.

Next, take the tape and make a cross on the wall. The size of the cross is solely based on how big you want the web.

Then make an X over the cross like shown in the picture below.

The next part can be tricky. You’ll want to make a circle in the middle of the web so that it starts to look like a spider web. I did each individual space as a strip of tape.

Then keep creating circles until you made it all the way to the end. You can make as many circles as you’d like but since it takes up more time, I only went with four.

As you can see by the pictures, my spider web isn’t perfect. Since this year we are quarantined to our home on Halloween, I find that it doesn’t matter how perfect the web is, or how perfect anything is… what does matter is that my kids have the best Halloween EVER and that they won’t forget all the hard work mommy put into Halloween the year we didn’t go trick-or-treating!

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