First Pregnancy Overwhelm

Your pregnancy has been going very well in comparison to other women whom you’ve talked to. There was minimal morning sickness and not much to complain about.

A family member has decided to throw you a baby shower and you are beyond excited. But now it’s time to register for baby things….


This is when the overwhelm slowly starts creeping in.

Your mind starts to wonder:

Where is the best place to register at?

What is a decent bottle brand – or do I even need bottles yet?

What if I didn’t get enough clothes or sheets or diapers?

How am I going to be able to do all of this and where am I going to put everything?


As you are adding items to your registry and your mind won’t stop asking questions—you can’t stop adding and removing baby items – you can’t stop researching EVERY LITTLE item while reading reviews and asking friends.




After going over and over your baby registry--- you realize how hungry you are. Now, this isn’t your typical “hunger” … this is pregnancy craving hunger.     

Pregnancy craving hunger is when your stomach aches and is longing for ONE specific kind of food while your hormones are raging as you try to find THAT particular food item.

When that food item is NOT in the house and you can feel the tears flooding to your face as you mutter words under your breath, hoping someone hears you or saves you from this powerful food craving pain.




Childbirth is nearing as you enter your third trimester and you can’t help but be afraid of the unknown. You have the need to always be prepared and knowing this is something you can’t prepare for. Googling ALL-the-things, researching random information about childbirth, and hoping you had everything in one location. Your mind constantly running into “what-if” scenarios and wondering if you need to hire extra help.




Pregnancy hormones, cravings, and overwhelm can affect many different aspects of your day-to-day during this journey. 

The most powerful thing that YOU can do is find a childbirth class (like the one here), join a FREE community (HERE), and ask many questions of your doctorand childbirth educators (such as myself).




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