Pregnancy & Childbirth 

Prepare and Understand Your Journey 

My name is Heather Martin--- 
a mom of four children.
I am a Certified Childbirth Educator. 

Who is this class for? It's for YOU! 

If you are nervous and anxious about your pregnancy & childbirth. 

If you are researching "all-the-things" about your pregnancy journey but would rather have all the information in one area (and from someone Certified as a CBE)

If you want to be an active participant in your pregnancy and birthing experience. 

What is this going to do for YOU?
Help you understand your pregnancy and pregnancy ailments
Prepare for childbirth
Learn how to be an active participant in your journey
Practice exercises, stretches, and birthing positions
**BONUS MODULE to Teach you How to Create Your Own Birthing Preference**

Here's what other people are saying...

What will you get?

Basic understanding of pregnancy anatomy
Exercises and stretches to alleviate aches and pains
Understanding of testing, exams, and screenings
Simple way to talk to your doctor
Different options of support and location for childbirth
Preparing and reframing your mindset for childbirth
Learn different birthing positions
Understanding of what happens immediately post-partum

Create Your Own Birth Preference
Post-Partum Support
Access to an Organic Community

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