What is a doula?
Typically, a doula is a trained professional to be of support for the birthing mama and anyone else involved in the birthing process.

A doula can help support prior to childbirth. This would be by answering questions, venting, and any other pregnancy support needed.

A doula can also support postpartum (usually trained or certified in this area—so it’s best to ask your doula if they offer this service). Postpartum doulas can help around the house, cook meals, and answer breastfeeding concerns. This is a time for baby and family to bond.

All doulas are NOT the same but they have similarities. It all depends on the doulas training and any continuing education they may have decided to take. There are different approaches and things that doulas can take as they start their business.

This is why it is important to consult a doula prior to hiring them. You’ll want to find a doula that you match with… a doula that is right for you and your family.

Doulas can’t provide medical advice but they can guide you along with the information you are looking for. This is helpful when making decisions prior to and during your childbirth experience.

Like Dani the Doula said “I consider myself a travel guide… I can guide you along the path but when there is a fork in the road, I will give you the information needed for both ends of the fork… then you decide which direction you’ll take.”

What can a doula be trained in?

They can be trained to spin babies… so if your baby is in an unideal position prior to childbirth.

They can be trained in acupressure or acupuncture, which can be helpful prior to and during childbirth.

A doula can be a certified lactation consultant, perinatal nutrition educator, and so much more.
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