Messy Mommy Days

There are clean clothes on the floor waiting to be folded, dishes in the dishwasher and dishes on the counter, kids running around screaming and fighting, and you look over to find your baby playing in oatmeal all over the kitchen floor.

You are going crazy, your head is spinning, and you’re not sure where to begin. Well, mama… let me tell you… if you can look at this picture and laugh, then you are probably a seasoned parent—right? That’s exactly what I did when I came across this situation while my husband was away for work.

GameStop, Inc.

Yes, you may feel overwhelmed… there may be so many things on your plate but all you have to do is eat one thing on your plate at a time—you do not have to devour the entire plate in one sitting (trust me—you’d get a stomachache).

Okay, so you probably never get an entire plate of hot food in one sitting anyways—but you get the point. When you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that you think you need to get done… take a moment to laugh or calm yourself and just know how AMAZING you are as a mother! Take it one thing, one moment at a time! 

While looking at all the stuff you feel needs to get done, realize you are amazing for having all this stuff that needs to get done and you always find the time to do it. Now, keep in mind it doesn’t all need to be done right then. Yes, I have had this feeling (many times) so I understand when your list of things to do feels like a lot. This is where you need to make a ta-da list to realize all the things you do on a daily basis!

Melissa and Doug

I debated on cleaning up the oatmeal but decided I was only going to get other things done while the baby was happy… and if that meant oatmeal ALL over the her and the floor, then so be it. As a parent you need to decide what is the best decision for you and your mentality. It’s important to pick your battles and figure out what is worth the fight or struggle.

You got this mama! You are strong, beautiful, and capable! Give yourself grace and don’t sweat it!


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