You are Crazy to Have Four Kids!

Imagine, you have three small children running around… your youngest is six months old and your oldest is three years old… You decide to randomly pee on a stick--- to find it saying PREGNANT!!

As a couple we had always talked about having three or four children but the moment I saw that there was so much more happening in my brain… I was afraid of being able to be a good mother to four children… can I handle this… will I get the support that I need? Pregnancy is hard in itself with the emotions, aches, pains, and having to go on with ‘normal’ life but then you add taking care of three littles, your mind thinking these negative thoughts, and other people saying them out-loud to your face.

Always remember that you don’t truly understand what someone is going through… even if you are a close family member. There were so many other things going on in my brain at the time that it was hard to hear what other people were saying too.

There were quite a few ‘Congratulations’ but you could tell people were just as shocked as we were. As the months of hard pregnancy went by, so did the stares, comments, and questions. There was (and still are) people saying “WOW, you have your hands full” … almost like it is a bad thing… usually I just smile and continue on but I want to say “Well, you should see my heart”.

That wasn’t the only thing people were saying … Are you crazy? Can you handle this? Did you plan this? Why would you do this to yourself? …… My question is, why is having a big family such a far fetch idea these days? Why is it “normal” to have two kids but any more than that and people think you’re crazy?


Yes, my life is crazy, busy, hectic, and sometimes overwhelming... but it’s also so full, fun, beautiful, and an amazing blessing. We are beyond blessed to be able to have four children because there are people in this world that would give ANYTHING to have one. So, why the negativity, why the concern, why the crazy stares?

Do I regret having our four kids so close in age? Hell No! I think it is the best (at moments, the hardest) thing that God surprised us with but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our children are learning to grow with people around them… learning how to live in a home with other people their age… learning to share, explore, get creative, problem solve, and whatever else having a friend nearby means.


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