You Aren't JUST a Stay-At-Home Mom
When someone asks you what you do for a living and you use that daunting four letter word – what are you really telling them?

You aren’t JUST a stay at home mom.

I’m sure we have all done it. When we are asked what we do the word ‘just’ comes out. I have done it plenty of times and every time I say it, I wonder why I said it. Is it because we don’t feel worthy enough by staying home with our children? Is it because we don’t think our job is good enough for the rest of the world? Or is it because we aren’t one of those women that are climbing the corporate ladder?

Could there be something else going on inside of us when someone asks that question? Some of you wish you were climbing the corporate ladder, yet your current finances don’t allow for daycare expenses. Some of you feel like this is something you ‘have to’ do as a mother – stay home with your children. And some of you, like myself, thought this is what you wanted to be your entire life— a stay at home mother. Yes, when people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, that was my answer.

I have used this phrase more than you can imagine but I got to thinking of all the things a stay-at-home mother does. No matter if you climb that corporate ladder or stay home with the kids, we are all important. We are all supermoms with our own superpowers. Our stories are all different which leads us to do things the way we need to and want to as caregivers.

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You are not only a mother but you are a teacher. You teach your children how to be independent beings of this world. You’re teaching them respect, nurturing, and empathy skills. Mama, you are also their first teacher that teaches them words, letters, numbers, and so much more. There are so many skills that a mother teaches her littles. How to eat with utensils, how to go on the potty, wash their hands, getting dressed, and even skills that we take for granted like zipping up a coat, and filling up a glass of water.

You are not only a mother but you are also a caretaker. You change twenty diapers a day, make three meals (maybe even more then three with a baby, picky toddler, and your meals –that you probably eat cold anyways), clean up after the kids a million times –even though at the end of the day it doesn’t look like it, and you also help your toddler on the potty.

You are not only a mother but a multi-tasker. You prepare and feed your toddler lunch while nursing a baby. You make dinner while holding a baby and dancing with your toddler. You are even able to help your second grader with math homework while writing your grocery list and drinking your cold coffee.

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Even though you aren’t climbing the corporate ladder... you are making a difference. You are raising little humans to be productive members of society.
So, the next time someone asks what you do for a living, respond with a sense of pride and confidence that you ARE a stay-at-home mother!
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