Learn about Childbirth
Learning about childbirth prior to going into labor can only be beneficial. Having the knowledge and ability to make decisions during your pregnancy and labor journey is huge. It can make the biggest difference in your experience.
This is for the first-time pregnant mom that wants to be prepared and informed for childbirth.

I know you’re looking to understand what to expect from your pregnancy and what childbirth will look like…

Not only am I going to teach you that BUT I am also going to teach you things you don’t know yet:
--Birth Positions
--Breathing Techniques
--Pregnancy Stretches

I am giving you exactly what you are looking for AND MORE!!!!!   
(Including creating your own birth preference).
Listen, I am a mom who tried to research all-the-things; who had a better second pregnancy because I ended up learning so much from researching and creating a preference for my own birth journey.

I ended up learning how to prepare for childbirth and how to talk to my doctor during pregnancy.

There is even a payment plan option because I want to make it easily and readily accessible for you. It’s important to be informed to make decisions during pregnancy and childbirth.

I’m positive this will change your birth experience by being informed because I was in that situation.

When you’re done with this class you will be able to:
--Have access to exclusive community and support
--A more positive birth experience by being informed
--On-going postpartum support
This class is amazing and helpful for both pregnant mama and your support person.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. I am a childbirth educator. Also, keep in mind that this program will only help in making it a more positive birth experience if you take the information you learn and apply it to your journey. (Feeling like your are part of the journey rather than things being done to you). –There is not a 100% guarantee that your birth will go the way that you want. But the idea of being able to make these decisions during your labor because of the knowledge you have learned will help in the experience you do have.


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