Before I begin, this article is for the mom that found out her baby is one gender but had hoped for the other. This article is not for the mom or the dad or the friend or the loved one that wants to argue about this topic or think this is wrong….
Because this is not wrong. These are emotions and emotions are okay.

Finding out the gender of your baby has become more and more popular over the years. You can even find out through a blood test as early at 8 weeks pregnant.
There are many reasons for gender disappointment such as already having that gender or many children of that gender. Or maybe it stems deeper than that… you are a single mom and hoped to have a mini-me. Whatever the reason, know that it’s okay.
When you look at the results and they are not what you wanted or expected, your heart sinks. It sinks a little and then your mind says, it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy and healthy. 
You have your mind saying one thing and your heart saying another. Your stomach hurts every time you think about the gender, very well knowing you love this child so much no matter what.

It’s important to process these emotions by feeling them and reminding yourself that this is okay. Whether you tell others of your disappointment or not, this is YOUR experience to process.

If it’s difficult to sit in the emotion or you feel the need to talk about it, yet you have no idea who would understand or who wouldn’t judge you—Reach out here. This is a safe, non-judgmental space for you as you process these emotions.

Your emotions may feel like they are all over the place; angry, sad, disappointment, frustrated, and even happiness. Your emotions may change depending on your environment around you, the people you are with, and whether you are open about talking about it or not.

People always ask the question “do you know what you are having?” in which, this can create a sense of sadness inside and you want to perceive you are happy on the outside. Please know, you don’t have to answer them and to do what you feel is best in that situation.
Taking care of you and processing your emotions is very important (especially while pregnant). And even though this is a tough road, I am sure you’ll be filled with great joy and happiness when that baby is placed on your chest.

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