To the Children’s Oncology Nurse:

Thank you. You are the one that reached your arm out and said “I will go on this ride with you”.

Many people don’t understand what you do, unless they have been in your position or mine. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 15 months of age. Hearing the word “cancer” when it came to my child was heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and terrifying. Not knowing what was next or how our life was going to look.

In the beginning, it was not easy driving to the chemotherapy appointments. The anxiety and stress of preparing to leave… the tears that flowed on the way to the appointments… and the stomachaches when walking into the clinic.

But you were always a reassuring face, a calm voice, and a breath of fresh air.

So many things ran through my head on appointment days: How was today going to go? Will my daughter cry a lot or a little? Will today’s appointment be short or all day? Did I bring enough food and bottles? Will there be enough toys there to keep my daughter occupied?

These questions and concerns were quickly answered as you walked into the clinic room. Seeing you and hearing your voice almost instantly calmed any worry, fear, or anxiousness I had.

As the appointments became more familiar, so did you!

You did so much for us during these appointments like sing songs to my daughter while administering chemo drugs, play little games with her to keep her smiling, ask her about her favorite character or something fun we did that weekend.

You asked if we needed anything many times during the appointments, you kept us in-the-know about her appointment, you listened to every word I had to say and made sure the doctor was aware of my concerns. You answered my anxious-filled medical messages with reassurance and grace.

How can we ever repay you? We are beyond thankful. You were meant for this job, you are an angel to us, you are truly a blessing in our lives… We will never forget you and how you made us feel during the scariest journey of our life.

You are not just a nurse to us… You offered to jump into our boat to show us how to get to shore and we will forever be grateful for offering your hand and be alongside us.


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