Tips on Using Essential Oils

Remember all those essential oils you bought years ago but still haven't figured out how to use?

Many of you may have invested in pure essential oils and oil blends due to their benefits in creating a calming or stimulating atmosphere; however, most of us are too busy, overwhelmed, or just haven’t had the time to understand what essential oils are used for. 

Guess what, mamas? I have some tips to help make sure you use those amazing oils that I know you’ve been dying to use anyways.

Oils for the Home

My first tip for you is to keep essential oils out in the open so you use them more often. Many of us get our essential oils in the mail and put them in a special “safe-keeping” location (typically a closet or drawer and hidden behind something). This makes it easy to forget that we own these products (especially if we are trying to establish a new routine with these new products in our lives). 

So, ladies, keep them out where you can see them. 

The more readily available they are, the more we will use them. Put them in the locations where they will be used most frequently. For example, if there are essential oils that you want to put on in the morning, place them in the bathroom to roll on while getting ready. Place some essential oils on the kitchen counter to add to your drinks and in your food. 

Even better, place some oils near your diffuser. We all know we get busy and forget to turn on that beautiful diffuser we have in our living room, so make it easier by having the oils (and a cup of water) already next to the diffuser. It can even be filled and turned on with just one hand (because you’re probably holding that sweet baby in the other arm!). 

Many enjoy using blends of essential oils in their diffuser (meaning, using more than one essential oil in the diffuser at a time). To make this process less time-consuming, purchase dropper bottles to place next to the diffuser. Create the dropper bottle blends you want, add a label, and place it next to the diffuser.  

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