Darling, You are Magic
He tells me I am beautiful yet I still find something wrong with me.

Why do we always find something about ourselves that we don’t like? What is wrong with what God blessed us with? How do we shine with confidence in the world?

We see that pretty girl walking by and always seem to compare ourselves to them. Or we see that amazing post on Instagram and wish we had some of their features. As women of God, we need to stop comparing, stop letting that negativity get in and change our mindset so we can shine bright in this world.

There are many things that may need to happen to change our mindset so we feel confident in our skin and in our bodies. Here are some of the ways that we can do that:

  • Pray during our quiet ‘me’ time. Me time is not always easy to find (trust me, I know) but it is very important for our sanity and our mindset. Praying during this time will help develop that relationship with God that we are longing for.

  • Get your blood pumping. This can be a walk around the block, holding your baby while doing squats, or as simple as turning the music on and dancing in the kitchen. Doing this activity will create Dopamine (happy hormone) in the brain.

  • Eat something healthy. Regularly eating healthy food will help your body stay strong. This will also help your hormones and mental state. Yogurt, eggs, and almonds are just some of the foods linked to Dopamine releases in the brain.

  • Get Glammed Up. This is an easy one to make you feel confident. Make sure you shower and brush your teeth first. Get dressed (out of your PJ’s) and do your make-up, girl. As a mother, I understand how difficult it is to do all of these activities, but I know these have helped me feel confident with my body and my skin.
Make sure you are using a good make-up on the skin that is also quick and easy.

  • Create a Confidence Building Affirmation. Resighting an affirmation on a daily basis is very helpful for your mind and your confidence.
A couple great affirmations are:
I am worthy of having what I want
I am strong and brave
I except compliments easily
There are no blocks that I cannot overcome

Now, girl… I know I have said this before but none of this is going to be easy. You have kids running around and a baby that wants to eat every hour. … Take it one day at a time. Do one thing at a time. Slowly progress into more and more as the weeks and months go by.  

Girl, stop telling yourself that you aren’t beautiful… stop looking at your flaws and wishing they were gone. Each part of you tells a story… each scar, each mark… even the blackheads on your nose.

All of it is who you are and how you got there. All of it is beautiful.
Let your confidence shine pretty girl.
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