Punch a Cup

The kids absolutely love this game because there can be different prizes or candy in each cup. They also get to punch something, which makes it exciting too! 

The only thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to fill the cups too full and you don’t want hard or any sharp objects as your child will be punching with their hand into the cup.

Objects needed:

Box (size depends on how many punch cups you want to put in it)

Orange construction paper

Black tissue paper

Candy, prizes, or whatever you’d like to put in the cups (I used bite sized Pop-Tarts and then added a secret candy in each cup that was different)

Plastic cups (the number will depend on how many children will be playing)

Rubber bands for each cup

Knife to cut the holes

How to create/play the game:

Take an empty box and open one end. The box should have no holes in the side you want to put holes in. This will make it more sturdy and easier to place holes.

Trace the bottom of your plastic cups on the box in the areas that you want each hole. Please keep in mind that you will be cutting the hole slightly bigger because you’ll want the cup to fit well and a little further down. Do not put the holes too close to one another where the box rips or breaks when they punch the cups or when you place the cups inside. I suggest each hole should be at least 2 inches or more apart (after you cut it slightly bigger than your trace mark).

This next part is for adults only—take a sharp knife and cut out the holes. They do not have to be completely perfect. Keep testing your cup in the hole to see if the cup is how you want it to be places. Make sure the cup fit snug into the hole so it doesn’t fall through the box when they punch the cup.

Glue orange construction paper onto the box. It is up to you if you want to do this on the entire box or just the top of the box. It’s your game so get creative, if you’d like.

From the bottom of the holes take a pencil and poke up so you know where your holes are in the construction paper. You will then put your hand down into the holes to make the entire hole for the cup.

Fill your cup with whatever you have for the child(ren). Then, grab your black tissue paper and place it over the cup. Use a rubber-band to secure the tissue paper in place.

Place the cups into each hole. Close the one end of the box.

Your child(ren) will then punch the cup they want. Whatever cup they punch, they will then have the contents in that cup for their Halloween basket!


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