Halloween Witch Hat Toss

Halloween may look a little different this year so I had decided to create some Halloween games for my kids to play in exchange for candy. This is a fun way to get the kids active, excited, and full of candy… right?

Now, I am not someone who usually puts much effort into these sorts of things but I thought I would try to find EASY and SIMPLE ways to spook up this holiday for the kids.

What items are needed:

  • A big piece of card board (I used a 28” x 40” Tri-Fold)
  • About 6 Party Hats (prefer black)
    1. If the party hats are not black then purchase some spray paint for the hats
  • Glue (I used glue gun)
  • About 6 pieces of black construction paper
  • Glow Necklaces for tossing

How to construct this game:

Since my party hats were not black, the first step would be to spray paint them black. After they are dry then you’ll want to cut off the strings on the hat. Next, take your construction paper and draw a big circle. You’ll want the circle to fit as big as it can on the constructions paper.

Feel free to download this file here as a template for your circle. 

Witch Hat Circle Template.docx

You’ll want as many circles as hats (these are the witches’ hats). After you have the circles drawn, then you will cut them out. Place the black circles onto the blank, white side of the tri-fold cardboard. Take your glue gun (you can try other glue but this is the only kind I had available to me) glue down the circles, anywhere on the cardboard. Keep in mind that you want some space between each hat to make it look nice.

Grab your black party hats and use your glue gun to glue the party hats into the center of the black circles to make it look like a witch’s hat. It is now up to you if you want to add the letters “witch hat toss” (like the picture) or not.

Take all of your glow necklaces, crack them to create the glow, put into a necklace shape and toss toward the witch hats to see if you get a ring.

This game can be played however you like and get creative with it.

For us, my children are younger so we are letting the kids have 3 to 5 tosses and then they get a small bag of candy for their Halloween buckets.

Happy Halloween!


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