There is no greater feeling in the world when you can provide your child with a fun dessert and it was super easy to create!

These dirt cups are very easy and takes very little work. These are great for Halloween parties, birthday parties, or pretty much any gathering where there will be kids present. Not only can you make these ahead of time, but you can also provide the short list of ingredients and kids can “make their own dirt cups”… because we all know sometimes its just more fun when they make their own.

Ingredients needed:

Chocolate pudding cups (one per person or per serving)

Gummy worms (I would say about 2 per pudding cup)

Oreos (no more then 2 Oreos or chocolate cream filled cookies per pudding cup)

How to create dirt cups:

First you take two or three chocolate cream filled cookie and place them into a plastic bag. They will then need to be crushed. I used a spoon to crush the cookies. If you are doing a “make your own” you may want to use a food processor to crush all the cookies into tiny pieces at one time.

Next, make sure to open the pudding cup and place the crushed cookies into the top of the pudding cup. Save a sprinkle for the end.

Take two gummy worms and put them into the pudding cup. This can be done however you would like but I just stuck them as far down as I could with them sticking up a little so the kids know they are there. Keep in mind that if you hide the gummy worms in the dirt cups, be sure the kids know they are in there as you don’t want them to choke on them.

Sprinkle the top with a few chocolate cream filled cookies.


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