New Mom's Need Rest!

Here is are ways to assist you in getting more rest and sleep as a new mama.

Healthy Living

Okay so this goes a long way when it comes to sleep. Eating healthy foods, especially greens, can assist with the stress hormone. Relieving stress can actually help you sleep better at night and FALL asleep at night.

Not only eating healthy but healthy activity, as well. Moving your body can help with rest at night or even at nap times.
Many people’s minds run and run during the night. There is lots to think about there are things to stress about. But what most don’t know is that journaling can help get those things out of your mind. Picking a time during the morning, day, or evening to grab paper, notebook, or a computer and just write. Write anything and everything that comes to mind in that moment. This will get it out of you mind and onto paper.
A list—then write a list
An emotion-- then write what led up to the emotion

Whatever it may be, get it out.

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Skip the Chores

There are many household chores and things to get done around the house, especially with a baby around. Skipping these chores and choosing rest (whether that be sleep or not), or napping with your baby – this can help with feeling tired all the time. 
This can help rejuvenate your body and mind for the remainder of the day. This can also give you the energy to do those missed household chores from earlier in the day.
Ask for Help
This one can be difficult because asking for help has had a bad reputation for a while. What you need to know is that asking for help is strong and brave. Asking for help is okay and it is much needed for our mental health sometimes.

So, what do you ask for? You ask for what you need. You need a babysitter so you can sleep in the bedroom. You need a friend to come watch the kids so you can go to your mom’s house and sleep. You ask for your mother to watch the kids overnight so you can get a local hotel room to get some alone time and rest.

It could even look a little different and ask for a housekeeper so that you can rest and you mind can feel at ease as all the household chores get done. Asking your spouse to make dinner a couple of nights a week (schedule them) so that you can rest your body and mind as dinners being prepared.
Don't Forget What's Important

It can be hard to find time for a nap or rest… but it’s important for your mental health and sanity (especially if baby is awake a lot during the night).
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