FREE GUIDE: Find what overstimulates you-- and how to support yourself through it. 

What Overstimulates you?

Discover if sound is overstimulating to you:
Do you start to feel anxious at parties or big events with loud noises?
Does it bother you when the radio and television are on at the same time?
Do you notice the smallest noise (whether it be the clock ticking or someone tapping their pencil across the room)?
When you have more than one person trying to talk to you, do you explode?


Discover if touch is overstimulating to you: 

Do you avoid cuddling?
Do you feel anxious when you have children climbing all over you?
Are you bothered by a single touch or rubbing of the arm?


Discover if sight is overstimulating to you:

Do you feel overwhelmed when all the lights are on in one room?
Does it bother you to have the blinds open?
Would you rather sit in the dark or dim lighting then a fully lite room?

How to break free from the overstimulation?

First, there is nothing that can stop the overstimulation except for going inside a bubble or box and never coming out --- let's face it, that can not happen.
So, how do you support yourself (body and mind) through the overstimulating feeling?

1. Notice and recognize what makes you feel overstimulated
2. During these moments of overstimulation, notice how you feel
3. After you notice how you feel-- what does your body need?

What does YOUR body need?

This is something you'll have to figure out for yourself but I will give you some ideas.
First off, this can be something your body needs in the moment of overstimulation OR it can be something that your body needs on a regular basis to help keep the "outburst" from the overstimulation at-bay.
What does your body need?
Peace and quiet

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