Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

You’ve been enjoying the glow, the morning sickness, the waddling, and now it’s time to prepare for childbirth.

Wait! What?! Childbirth!!

Sometimes it’s a forgotten that the baby has to come out somehow…

So, what are some important questions to ask your provider before you go into labor.

First of all, you are full term at 37 weeks so be sure to ask prior to that (for you never know when baby decides they are ready).

What is your timeframe for an induction? 
This is a great question because you will get an understanding of where your provider is coming from when induction is brought up. Who knows, maybe this question will lead to more questions and more conversations. That would be wonderful because an open dialogue with your doctor is VERY important. 

Some doctors want to induce labor around 39 weeks pregnant and other wait until 42 weeks pregnant to consider medical induction options.

What are tools that you use during the delivery process? 
This question can lead to other conversations. Some tools that may be brought up would be a vacuum or forceps. 
Then, the conversation can lead to techniques the provider may use such as episiotomies. 
Another great topic that may come up (and one that should come up at some point) is if your doctor does cesarean sections or not? 
These topics are important to discuss so that you are aware – or maybe you want to make sure some of these are not used (so add that to your birth preference).

Will you be my provider during my delivery? 
Some hospitals suggest a pregnant person meet with all the providers that may be on-call during their delivery date because it is unsure of who will be delivering baby. Other hospitals have your doctor and your doctor only on-call for the evening you go into labor. 

Another piece of information that comes along with this question is if your provider is a family doctor and can be baby’s doctor too OR if you need to search for a pediatrician for your baby when born.

Please keep an open mind throughout this process… but also, be up-front and open about your concerns. 

This is why I ALWAYS talk about the B.R.A.I.N. method to discuss options throughout your pregnancy with your provider. 

You are an active participant in this process so having that open dialogue with your doctor tends to help with making it a more positive birth experience.

There are so many other questions that could be asked of your provider during your pregnancy and lucky for you I have them all in one place—

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