4 Amazing Pregnancy Affirmations
Affirmations are something that you say once or multiple times per day (depending on the goal). It is a statement that will help you start believing it… the statement can help manifest something for you and your pregnancy.
Pregnancy affirmations are very helpful, especially if you are struggling during this journey… but even if you’re not, they are helpful in getting you in the right mindset.

My body is the perfect home for my baby.

This is a great affirmation to keep in the kitchen, on your car dashboard, or on your desk at work. It is helpful because those may be the places you spend the most time.

I am strong, courageous, confident, and resilient enough to face this pregnancy.
I love this affirmation, especially for newly pregnant women that are anxious and nervous about what their pregnancy may bring. 
It is important to understand that every pregnancy is different when trying to tackle these pregnancy nerves. 
A story that you heard from your friend could be completely different from what your journey will entail.

My baby knows how and when to be born and I will patiently wait for her arrival.  
This is a great affirmation for later in pregnancy. Many women get impatient or miserable and uncomfortable during the last couple weeks. This can cause mothers to try to induce labor at home, depending on how far along the pregnancy is, this can have a high risk.
Some pregnant women talk to their doctor about becoming medically induced because they are so uncomfortable. 
That’s where this affirmation is helpful (and don’t forget about the B.R.A.I.N. method). 

I except myself completely, here and now.
Sometimes there are moments when we look at our bodies while we are pregnant and have negative thoughts towards our body. Well, this is a great affirmation to state to change your mindset. Excepting yourself fully, can be difficult. So, give yourself grace with this affirmation.
Again, this is an amazing way to get your mind in the right mindset during your pregnancy journey. 
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